Reviews Exodermin

  • Peter
    In the morning I ran in the woods near my house, every time my feet were wet with sweat or dew. Fungus appears, embarrassed to take off your shoes in front of the girl. Exodermin from natural ingredients cures me, itching, unpleasant odor disappears. Here he is - the power of nature!
  • Barbara
    I had sensitive skin on my feet, then somewhere I caught a fungus and the condition got worse, my feet were in a bad condition. Exodermin cream in two weeks relieved me of cracks, dry skin and unpleasant odors. Heels like children!
  • Manuel
    I suffer from fungus for a long time, my feet look like dirty soles, they smell really bad. He was treated in various ways, but the fungus came back. Only Exodermin helps completely. I used it for 4 months, and for half a year now there are no problems.
  • Daniela
    I often go to the pool, it happens that the fungus appears. I have tried many treatments. Exodermin cream turned out to be the most effective, saving me from trouble in three days! A great remedy.
  • Julia
    My husband’s legs were sweating badly and his legs were cracked, but he didn’t want to go to the doctor. I bought him Exodermin cream and after two weeks the condition improved. We decided to continue treatment.
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